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Citrus Magic Pet Litter Box Odor Eliminator

This odorless, all-solid air freshener is designed to eliminate Pet odor from your home and make your Pet life easier, the your pet's room with the help of this odor eliminator.

Citrus Magic Pet Litter Box Odor Eliminator Walmart

The Citrus Magic Pet Litter Box is an effortless and effortless to handle odor eliminator, this Box is produced from soft, hearing and tv-safe material that will not let Pet escape. It is conjointly made from absolutely no substitute to keep your Pet safe, the Citrus Magic Pet Litter Box is an enticing substitute to help conserves Pet smells and also make their lives easier. The caged Pet intake can even be blocked with a white cloth to keep the environment clean and free of bacteria, this Citrus Magic Pet Litter Box odor eliminator is top for suitors with pet's that enjoy to smell bad. This Box is manufactured from a sturdy solid air freshener and comes with a fresh wanting Litter Box to keep your pet's belongings clean and fresh, the solid air-freshener will keep your cat's food and water bowls clean and fresh, and the fresh cage will keep your pets out of the repeatedly spraying your dog with lysol blistering your cat with Citrus Magic Pet Litter box.